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Ramadan Day 14 --- Iftar Food

Mango Jello

Mango Jello

I can pretend that I made jello for my kids, but who am I kidding? Another favorite of mine (and of course my kids) is jello. I always prepare jello as a dessert. It’s super quick to prepare, looks great and tastes delicious. Generally, I first mix the gelatin in one cup of hot water, then add in one cup of cold water and mix everything together. I then pour the mixture into small cups, bowls or anything fun I can find around my kitchen and refrigerate. Today, as I went to grab the cups, my eye caught these mini 3-tier molds I had bought for making cake. I thought I would try to make 3-tier jello cakes. After the jello had cooled and hardened, I l topped it off with fresh fruit and a little whip cream. They turned out so cute, I didn’t want to eat them so I put roses on top and started photographing them. I did use a cooking spray to spray the molds so that the jello doesn’t stick. The trick is to dip the mold in warm water for about 10 seconds, shake slightly to loosen the gelatin, and finally use a cold plate to slip the jello onto it so that it doesn’t melt. I will be honest, I did break one as I was removing it from the mold. Let me know your thoughts on these jello cakes.

The Recipe

PREPARATION 15 minutes

COOK TIME 15 minutes



Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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