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Ramadan Day 17 --- Iftar Food

Updated: May 27, 2019

Mushroom Broccoli Pasta

Mushroom Broccoli Pasta

One of the many valuable lessons I have learned from my mom is not to waste food. Growing up my mom would always find ways to repurpose leftovers and create a new recipe out of them. In most cases we would never figure out what we were eating was in fact leftovers from last night. I now sometimes find myself doing this very thing. As you all saw, we had mushroom chicken last night. After serving the chicken there was some sauce and veggies left in the pan, so I decided to refrigerate this. Tonight, I boiled some noodles and reheated the sauce. To thicken the sauce a bit, I added oil and yogurt to it. Then I threw in the noodles and gave everything a good mix. Dinner was ready in no time, it was so simple and delicious.

The Recipe

PREPARATION 15 minutes

COOK TIME 15 minutes



Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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