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Plain Yogurt (AKA Maast)

When you open my refrigerator door, one thing you will always find is a container of this homemade organic yogurt. This traditional yogurt recipe is so simple to make and so delicious to eat, that my family and I eat it with almost every meal. From fruit parfaits to chutney to a refreshing drink (dough), you can add this yogurt into almost anything.

The Recipe


- 1 gallon organic whole milk

- 5 tbsp plain organic yogurt - at room temperature


1. Pour the milk in a nonstick pan and heat over medium heat until it comes to a boil. Use natural whole milk for best results. I am using organic whole milk. Wait until the milk begins to rise and remove from stove as soon as it begins to rise.

2. Transfer the milk in a container. You can use any glass container with a lid.

3. Allow the milk to cool to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. This will take some time. You can leave it and just remember to keep checking the temperature. If it's a couple of degrees off, the process will still work.

4. Once the milk has reached 112 degrees, in a separate bowl, take 5 tablespoons of the warm milk and add it to the 5 tablespoons plain organic yogurt. I am using yogurt from my previous homemade batch, but you can use any store bought plain organic yogurt. Mix well and add mixture back into the milk container. Stir everything together.

5. Close the lid to incubate. Swaddle the container with a blanket. You want the yogurt to stay at around 112 degree temperature. If the weather is cold cover with a thicker blanket or more than one blanket. Allow the yogurt to incubate for 4 hours. A lot of people think you need 12 hours for this process, but you don't.

6. Remove the blanket and refrigerate to set the yogurt. I would refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

7. Scoop some out in a bowl, enjoy it plain or add your favorite toppings. Delightful!

8. Tips: Make sure to keep your tools clean and don't jiggle the mixture while it's setting.

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