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Ramadan Day 3 --- Iftar Food

White Rice

White Rice with Green Split Mung Dal & Egg Fritters (Mash Palaw & Khaigina)

Why did you add mung dal in the rice mom? I clearly remember my mom making me this dish in preparation for my first day of fasting. My mom with a smile said the mung dal will help you stay full so you don’t get hungry when you fast. And truly it did! This is a very delicious and popular Afghan dish, not only during Ramadan, but whenever the mood strikes. The green split mung dal has a lot of benefits such as suppressing hunger and raising fullness hormones; and the eggs in the fritters are a great source of protein. Traditionally, this combination of rice and egg are served together. Fast forward to today, I followed my mom’s footsteps and often prepare this for my family during Ramadan. It’s the tastiest and filling meal – it keeps us going through the day. For those who tend to get hungry quickly, especially during Ramadan, I suggest giving this egg fritter with split green mung dal white rice a try. Honestly, it’s one of my all-time favorites.

The Recipe

PREPARATION 15 minutes

COOK TIME 15 minutes



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Coming Soon

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